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August 8, 2012


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Hello everyone! :aww:

Unfortunately, I've been away from dA for a while due to real life being crazy!! :frustrated:

I apologize if your submissions expired. I'd really like some help with maintaining this group. I sadly cannot do it alone anymore. If I cannot get any more help, rest assured I will not let the group die. Instead I will turn on "auto-approve" for the submissions and you will have to submit your art in the right categories (they're already created and some art has been sorted in there... explore our galleries!). I haven't done so before, because I believe it's better if someone manually approves everything but it's just not realistic for me anymore.

Please let me know if you wish to help (ideal candidates come often on dA: it's easier to manage a few submissions every day). Thanks in advance!
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T-Weaver Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you need help still? I'm the founder/admin of #TheHarvestMoon and I'm good to act as a back up admin for submissions
Stormthelonewolf Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Student General Artist
I'll help, i'm the founder of here... [link] and still have spare time on my hands
MagicHoppy Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
i love BUNNIES
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
MagicHoppy Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
bunnies are cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
garraswolfgirl Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
Id love to help!! C:
Shadowbunnyartist Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
not on alot so afraid i cant help:(
ThunderMakoyi Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
I Would love to help you out if you like jjust give me a lit of what i need to do and I can check it out!!
I Love to come check things out on DA and I love Rabbits and all animals so this is Fantastic!!
Love the Group :)
Tamamakitty Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm on a lot, so i can help!
Ayamel Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I can help too! I'm on dA every day (mostly) and I have a bit experience (I'm a Co-Founder in one group). However, I'll go on vacation this sunday for two weeks, so I could start working after that :D

I would be happy to help out :la:
Getsuei-san Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I come here often to check my account, I could help you maintain this lovely group if you want ^_^ :)
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